This should really be on a case by case basis. In your example, what's to say that a different customer 10 minutes prior didn't pick up an expensive brush & said "F@#% it" and put it on whatever hook was convenient... like a hook that holds $25 brushes? » 9/18/14 5:16pm Thursday 5:16pm

It's not too bad. My dog wouldn't bark for anything when we first adopted him... though he does whimper often. The first time he barked, I went to praise and pet him and he kinda flinched... which makes me think he was hit every time barked. » 9/10/14 8:32pm 9/10/14 8:32pm

If I'm not mistaken, having a well doesn't necessarily mean you're heading out to your backyard to fetch a pail from some hand cranked device. My understanding of well systems (I interned at a local health department) is that the homeowner is tapping into a water supply underneath the house. It's NOT being delivered… » 8/24/14 3:06pm 8/24/14 3:06pm