If I'm not mistaken, having a well doesn't necessarily mean you're heading out to your backyard to fetch a pail from some hand cranked device. My understanding of well systems (I interned at a local health department) is that the homeowner is tapping into a water supply underneath the house. It's NOT being delivered… » 8/24/14 3:06pm Sunday 3:06pm

"Stand back."

If you're approaching the scene of an investigation or an accident, police will likely order you to move back. Depending on the circumstances, you might become involved in an intense negotiation to determine the "appropriate" distance you need to stand back to avoid "interfering" with their work.

If you…

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From what I've been reading (local paper & NY Times), much of this equipment, at least the MRAP vehicles, is given to municipalities for free. All they have to do is apply for ownership. Many municipalities would not be able to purchase said equipment otherwise. According to this NY Times article, the equipment would… » 8/15/14 7:01am 8/15/14 7:01am

The only salads I've eaten are at this nearby Mediterranean/middle eastern spot... which include heavily seasoned, but not heavily salted, chicken and toppings of your choice (I like falafel, kidney beans, diced mango and green peppers). » 8/15/14 4:46am 8/15/14 4:46am

I'd say it's because there's so many freaking pits (or pit bull types) and the town you're in. Where my apartment was, we'd see pits all the time and 95% of them were super friendly. Really though, 95% of every dog we encountered were super friendly. Where I moved, however, I'd yet to see a single pit in ~2 months...… » 8/14/14 5:01am 8/14/14 5:01am